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Rework and Repair

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In order to maintain the highest level of quality in electronics, most manufacturers will employ some form of process control methodology to identify faulty conditions or potential quality variances.

The feedback provided by such a system must naturally be followed up with a determination of what steps must be taken to correct the fault or overcome the variance.

While some problems may require scrapping the assembly completely, the most common course of action to resolve these issues is to either rework or repair the assembly.

ACI offers a wide variety of options which include:

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework
    While initial reflow of BGAs has become fairly commonplace, the equipment needed to facilitate a quality rework/repair operation is not always available. ACI has the capability to utilize any one of several BGA rework stations available at our facility and to accommodate either a customer supplied Time-Temperature Profile (TTP), or to develop a specialized TTP for a specific assembly. Profiles can also be developed for common tin-lead (SnPb) alloys or for Pb-free alloys.
  • Surface Mount Repair
    Quality surface mount repairs can be time consuming and costly if not done with the proper equipment or training. ACI carries a variety of specialized tools and soldering iron tips specifically designed for SMT rework and repair. Additionally, ACI has on staff, personnel who are not only well versed in a variety of rework and repair techniques, but are also certified instructors capable of training others in these techniques.
  • Internal Ground Planes
    Today’s market requires greater capabilities from electronics products while being contained within smaller packages. Over the past few decades multi-layered boards have offered a solution to the problem of denser population; but, the use of internal ground planes in multi-layered boards has made reworking and repairing these assemblies problematic. The variety of auxiliary heating equipment used by ACI technicians, provide them the opportunity to quickly and safely achieve reflow temperatures by either conductive, convective, or infra-red (IR) radiation methods.
  • Verification
    Upon completion of any rework/repair it is necessary to verify that the functional capabilities of the reworked/repaired assembly are intact. ACI has equipment and trained personnel who can conduct x-ray inspections of BGA rework to check for shorts, opens, and voids; as well as, x-ray verification of SMT rework on components containing thermal ground planes to assess the percentage of voiding in the ground plane.

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