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Prototype Assembly

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ACI Technologies specializes in small run prototype assembly services.

Our experienced engineers and technicians can craft processes that require a variety of surface mount technology (SMT) and plated through-hole (PTH) assembly techniques.

ACI can assist manufacturers that require process development with solder alloys not normally used in their processes, whether the alloy is a standard lead-free solder or a more unusual non-standard alloy. We specialize in assisting manufacturers that exclusively use tin-lead solders but are forced to use lead-free components due to a lack of availability of tin-lead versions of many parts in today’s market.

We can develop processes that are compliant to many industry specifications, especially J-STD-001. Manufactures can also receive assistance implementing a process originally developed at ACI on their own production system.

Among the processes available at ACI:

  • Surface Mount Technology
    1. Solder Stencil Printing
    2. 2-D and 3-D Solder Paste Inspection
    3. SMT Pick and Place
    4. Solder Paste Reflow
  • Plated Through Hole
    1. Wave Solder
    2. Selective Wave Solder
    3. Hand Soldering by Master and Certified IPC Trainers
  • Rework and Repair
    1. Area Array Rework
    2. Manual Rework and Repair by Master and Certified IPC Trainers
  • Final Assembly
    1. Conformal Coating
    2. Underfill and Adhesive
    3. Dispense and Cure
    4. Cleaning
  • Quality Assurance
    1. 2-D Transmissive X-ray Inspection
    2. Reflow and Wave Solder Profiling
    3. Flying Probe Testing
    4. Visual Inspection by IPC-A-610
    5. Master and Certified IPC Trainers
    6. Burn-In

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