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Reverse Engineering

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ACI offers a full range of customized reverse engineering services and support at the the component, board, and system levels.

Our engineers have years of experience analyzing and designing products, parts and assemblies, acquired from various reverse engineering, reengineering, and redesign efforts.

ACI utilizes reverse engineering of a product as a means for efficiently and cost-effectively lower production costs and improve product performance, reliability and sustainability.

Our redesign and reengineering abilities include component and module improvement though obsolete part replacement, packaging technology changes, COTS implementation, and full system design.

It also aids in failure analysis of a product, to help determine whether it is non-functional, and why, and how to prevent non-functionality from occurring again in the future.

Our reverse engineering capability develops documentation, artwork, schematics and bills of material necessary for the fabrication and assembly of a product. This is exceptionally important when this documentation does not exist or is not available to a customer.

We offer a large staff of highly qualified engineers with specialties in electronic, mechanical, process, and quality engineering to meet any electronics manufacturing customer need.

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