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Research and Development

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ACI facilitates and stimulates collaborative efforts in applied research activities to advance the state of electronics manufacturing and related technologies in the United States today.

By forming best-in-class partnerships with industry, government and academia, we provide expertise from all areas and broaden the dimensions and breadth of our capabilities.

ACI has experience managing multi-million dollar cooperative research projects in areas such as:

  • Ruggedization and reliability of electronic assemblies and packages
  • Design and packaging technologies for power electronics
  • Failure mode determination and analysis
  • Packaging solutions and implementation for semiconductors
  • Production planning and new component integration for military systems.

ACI’s advanced scientific capabilities are packaged with years of practical manufacturing experience to deploy the benefits of our research initiatives to our partners.

By partnering with ACI, companies of all sizes can maximize their R&D investment by leveraging the expertise and accomplishments of this truly unique national resource.

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