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Engineering Services

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ACI Technologies provides a full range of comprehensive engineering services from project management to design and system engineering to ensure success and quality in your products. It is a solution driven company which helps our customers meet the stringent demands for new products and technologies.

By utilizing our engineering experts, our valued customers are given the opportunity to seize a competitive edge in the marketplace. With our highly qualified and experienced engineering staff, you get trusted professional services which makes your company not just a customer, but a partner in developing solutions for today’s fast paced markets. ACI assists in manufacturing technology planning for both program-specific and system-wide uses. You can quickly extend your engineering resources by teaming with us. We maintain resident expertise in electrical, mechanical, materials, chemical and manufacturing engineering that can be immediately applied to your electronics manufacturing requirements. Equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we are well suited to meet all of your engineering and prototyping needs. Here is a sampling of the services ACI offers:
  • Sustainment Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering

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