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Advanced Imaging

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Imaging at ACI assists our scientists with visualizing the failures that have been described.

The application of advanced imaging has a wide range of uses in our laboratory. Imaging provides a permanent visual record of samples through each step of the analytical process.

We use an assortment of microscopes and X-ray analysis to paint and document the best picture possible of the issue.

Optical Microscopy offers digital imaging of the sample with magnification ranges of 3.5x to 45x.

Metallography Microscopy aids in the investigation of metals and solder joints.

SEM-EDS gives us higher magnification (up to 10,000x) and elemental detection (organic and inorganic).

X-ray analysis allows us to see beyond the surface as well as look at “hard to reach locations”.

More information on these tools can be found in our Capabilities Guide.

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