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President’s Vision

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Alan J. Criswell

Early in my career, I was fortunate to receive an intense and comprehensive exposure to the many facets of the electronics industry from both a government and industry perspective. I quickly developed a passion to cultivate a means to bring together the powerful technical resources from industry, academia and the U.S. government in a mutually beneficial partnership dedicated to the advancement of applied research in electronics manufacturing. That passion became a reality with the formation of ACI as an organization, the subsequent solidification of industry and academic partnerships, and ACI’s leadership role in the restructuring and the privatizing of the US Navy’s Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility.

ACI’s strategy is controlled growth through technological innovation and application through dynamic interaction with our partners. At ACI we are committed to excellence through our pursuit of diverse teaming partnerships with industry and always being a value-added contributor through our core competencies. Our strength continues to be the diversity and experience of our technical staff, the variety of activities that we participate in from R&D programs to factory floor services, and the knowledge and experience that we have within the electronics industry.

At ACI we are committed to customer satisfaction through excellence, continuous improvement, and integrity. We will continue to maintain a knowledge base that benefits the electronics industry and addresses their requirements. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with organizations of all sizes and be a value-added partner in all the activities that we undertake.

I welcome your review of our website, which will give you an overview of ACI’s core capabilities and service offerings, our modern facilities and our most important asset, our employees. Perhaps we can be of service to you in the near future.


Alan J. Criswell
President & CEO, ACI

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