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ACI Offers IPC Online Certification

ACI Offers IPC Online Certification

ACI Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of online certification training for the IPC A-610 “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies” and the IPC/WHMA A-620 “Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies” courses.

We are now presenting certification training online at the CIT, CSE, and CIS levels. If you are seeking initial certification or are a returning student looking to recertify, please join us as we provide remote training of these IPC certification courses.

IPC CIT and CSE Certifications

We will announce dates via email as well as posting them to our website. Navigate to the IPC Online Training listing in the ACI Technologies online store. Specific course names, dates and prices can be found by click the dropdown menu. Contact the Registrar at 610.362.1295 for details.

Please note that the price of these courses does not include the standard. The standard is required for the class as a reference document and can be purchased separately from the ACI Technologies online store here. Also, if you need to purchase the standard for the class be sure to do so at least 10 business days before the class is to begin in order to allow for shipping time.

IPC CIS Certification

For CIS classes please contact ACI Technologies for times and dates, as the Specialist CIS courses are Modular and can be custom tailored to your company’s needs (i.e. all or just some of the modules).

Please note that ACI Technologies does not provide copies of the standard remotely for CIS classes. Your company must provide students with access to a clean (unmarked) copy of the standard for use as a reference during the course. Standards may be purchased separately from the ACI Technologies online store here.


Contact us by phone at 610.362.1200, via email to helpline@aciusa.org

ACI Technologies’ Coronavirus Response

ACI Technologies is working to minimize the impact that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has on training and certification for our industry.

ACI recognizes the challenges that the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has created for the electronics manufacturing industry and is taking steps to maintain a healthy training environment for our students. IPC has also made a few temporary modifications to their policies to make it easier to remain certified without interruption.

There is great concern about the Coronavirus and how quickly it can spread. We want to assure our customers their health and well-being is our top priority. As extra precautions, our cleaning service is currently using a CDC approved disinfectant that will kill the virus. They are paying special attention to doorknobs, light switches and all hard surfaces. The restrooms are also being cleaned with this product. We have included hand sanitizer in all our classrooms and restrooms.

If you are feeling ill, we encourage you to attend a later class when you are feeling better. There will no penalty for rescheduling.

We have alerted all our staff to stay informed, aware and protected during this situation.

IPC Certification Extensions:

Effective immediately and upon request, IPC will temporarily authorize 90-day extensions to those who have expiring certificates. CITs need to request an extension of an expiring certification through the Certification Help Desk. When completing the form, please select the “Extension Request” in the Request Type field.

CISs that are seeking an extension should make a request to the CIT or MIT that conducted their training. The CIT or MIT will complete the CIS Extension Form that has been added to the Training Resources sections on IPC EDGE. Forms must be filled out completely and emailed to certification@ipc.org.

The certification expiration date will still follow the current policy for all certifications that were obtained by the temporary extension.

IPC will currently only process extensions for certifications that expire within the months of March or April. IPC will reevaluate the situation in early April.

Future IPC Remote Testing Option:

IPC has engaged several organizations that offer remote proctoring services to universities and certification bodies, to integrate one of those services into IPC EDGE. IPC is working to make this available as soon as possible. IPC’s goal is to begin internal and Beta testing as early as next week, but there are still many details to be worked out. We will send another email when details are available.

As always, the health, safety and well-being of our customers, our associates and our communities is of paramount concern. We continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation and are here to assist our customers.

Thank you for being an ACI Technologies customer! Feel free to contact us by phone at 610.362.1200 or via email to info@aciusa.org with any questions or concerns.

PACE BGA and SMD Rework Free Workshop at ACI Technologies

PACE presents the TF 1800 BGA and SMD Rework System

The TF 1800’s patented inductive-convection heater provides ultimate thermal performance.

Join us in Philadelphia where we will be demonstrating some fundamentals of BGA/SMD component rework on the TF 1800 from PACE Worldwide.

Conventional resistance coil heating technology has been successfully used in convective rework stations for decades to install and remove a variety of BGA, QFN, CSP, CGA, PoP, Flip Chip, 0201 and other bottom terminated components. However, today’s extremely high thermal mass boards, ultra-fine pitch components and challenging production rework environments demand greater process control, thermal performance and faster throughput than ever before.

Enter PACE’s TF 1800 BGA/SMD Rework System. With its groundbreaking, patented inductive-convection heating technology, the TF 1800’s top-side heater reaches the target temperature in just seconds for safe, rapid solder joint reflow in virtually any component installation or removal application.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see live demonstrations and meet with both the PACE and Techni-Tool teams. Bring a sample board to see how the TF 1800 can help with your application. While registration is required, this informal and informative workshop is free!

When: March 17, 2020 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

RSVP: Registration is required. Email Drake Fox of Bench Top Solutions at drake@benchtopsolutions.com

Location: ACI Technologies, Inc.1 International Plaza, Suite 600, Philadelphia, PA 19113

Parking: Upon entering the parking lot, head to the guard station (tiny kiosk at the entrance to the parking lot) and tell them you are attending the PACE Workshop at ACI Technologies. Parking is free.

Comparison of Additively Manufactured Printed Conductors verses Traditional Wire Bonding in RF Circuitry

Under the Radar Affordability program sponsored by OSD, ACI worked on a prototype design and development of a broadband passive limiter circuit test coupon, which compares the performance of gold wire bonds against 3-D, printed additively manufactured silver conductors. The Optomec Aerosol Jet printer (AJ300) was utilized in developing a relatively new process which can achieve fine pitch and high resolution printing of Nano-materials. The Aerosol Jet is a non-contact, mask-less printing process for printing fine pitch structures with the capability to process various inks (Conducting and non-conducting) containing Nano-particles.

This presentation will show the selection procedure which includes validation of the equipment, processes, materials, and dielectric support structures necessary for printing conductive RF connections in high reliability military circuitry. Additionally, the test results between the performances of traditional wire bonding (15 samples) verses additively manufactured printed RF conductors (15 samples) will be demonstrated over a wide range of frequencies. The presentation will also cover the challenges for Additive Manufacturing (AM) which includes bridging the air gap between substrate and die, and the sintering process required to produce the conductive traces needed to achieve electrical equivalence to wire bonding.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the scope of microelectronic packaging using additive printing
  • Learn about the additive printing in RF circuitry. Additive manufacturing for RF circuits involves three steps: Printing support structure, conductive traces and adding protective layer over the conductive traces
  • RF device packaging can be improved by using additive manufacture for interconnects which results in lower inductance to reduce losses and lower power requirement with consistent performance

When: March 17, 2020 2:00 pm – 2:25 pm

Where: AeroDef Manufacturing Conference – Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Selective Cooling of Electronics Using 3D Printed Cold Plates

Manifold microchannel cold plates that are optimized with multiphysics simulation software and additively manufactured using direct metal laser sintering can be used to selectively cool electronics. While the entire circuit board is cooled with a network of parallel manifolds, a localized microchannel array oriented perpendicular to the manifold can impinge coolant directly onto the hottest areas. This impingement flow within the microchannels can provide significant additional cooling than adjacent areas with only parallel flow.

Through numerical simulation, heat dissipation can be optimized to minimize weight, coolant flow, and pressure drop. Increased power demands or changes in layout or components can quickly be re-evaluated, and the cold plate rapidly redesigned, evaluated, and manufactured within weeks instead of months with a high confidence of successful performance.

A current project for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter requires cooling of electronics within a high temperature bay where the incoming coolant is only 15 degrees cooler than the maximum allowable temperature. This can be achieved by using selective cooling and improving the flow distribution by adjusting the outlet direction, providing a conical input flow, or enlarging the output manifolds. Design considerations and experimental test results will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve cold plate reliability and performance
  • Understand advanced thermal management techniques
  • Learn a standardized approach for thermal management

When: March 19, 2020 9:25 am – 9:50 am

Where: AeroDef Manufacturing Conference – Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Visit ACI Technologies at DMC 2019!

Visit ACI at DMC 2019

DMC is the nation’s largest annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of scientists, engineers, managers, technology leaders and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base. ACI Technologies will be participating in the technical sessions this year. We invite you to attend these presentations and to stop by our booth, number 609. Whether you are familiar with ACI or want to learn more about us, we’d love to share our expertise and assist you with your projects.

When: Monday through Wednesday, December 2-4

Where: Booth 609; Phoenix Convention Center; Phoenix, Arizona

Check out the exhibit hall layout to see where we are and who else is there! (Exhibit hall link)

Technical session presentations include:

  • Comparison of Additive Manufacturing and Traditional Wirebonding in RF Circuitry
    Author: Veena Peddi and Carmine Meola; Presenter: Carmine Meola
  • Selective Cooling of Electronics with 3-D Printed Manifold – Microchannel Cold Plates
    Author and Presenter: Paul Bratt
  • Development of Integrated MEMs IMU – CSAC Assured PNT Module
    Author and Presenter: Paul Bratt
  • Open and Common Modular Building Blocks for Next Generation Radar
    Author: Dave Henry and Ogden Morris; Presenter: Dave Henry

For more information, contact ACI by phone at 610.362.1320, via email to helpline@aciusa.org or visit us online at www.aciusa.org.

ACI Factory Equipment Open House

ACI Factory Equipment Open House 2019

ACI Technologies will be hosting an Open House on our manufacturing factory floor on Tuesday, November 5. We invite you to stop by to see equipment, products and processes from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Time: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Location: ACI Technologies, 1 International Plaza, Suite 600, Philadelphia, PA 19113

RSVP: Katie Riggan by phone at 610.362.1200, ext. 250 or via email to registrar@aciusa.org

Highlights include:

  • BTU Pyramax Vacuum Reflow Oven
  • DEN-ON Rework Stations
  • Essemtec Dispensing and Placing Equipment
  • Hakko Soldering and Rework Tools
  • ITW EAE Stencil Printers
  • Koh Young Technology Solder Paste Inspection Equipment
  • Nikon Metrology X-ray and CT Inspection
  • Nordson SELECT Selective Soldering Equipment
  • Pace Soldering and Rework Tools
  • Pacific X-ray Imaging GenX Series X-ray Systems
  • PDR Infrared Rework Stations
  • Scienscope Inspection Solutions
  • Stoelting Cleaning Equipment
  • Vision Engineering Stereo Microscopes and Non-contact Measuring Systems
  • Yamaha Pick-and-Place and Automated Optical Inspection Equipment

For more information or other event questions, call Mike Prestoy at 610.362.1200, extension 241.

IMPORTANT Instructions for Event Day

You must enter the parking lot at the guard station; tell them you are attending the ACI Technologies Open House. Parking is free as always.

You must come to Suite 600 on the sixth floor to sign in before proceeding to the factory floor.

Thermal Management of High Power Electronics using COMSOL Multiphysics® Simulation Software

Presented by: Paul W. Bratt
When: Thursday, 3 October 2019
11:45am – 12:00pm


Increased demand for high power electronics has required increasingly more efficient thermal management techniques. Simple cold plates using tubes or channels are frequently used to cool high power components but restrictions on size, weight, and power have restricted their effectiveness. This project analyzed several thermal management approaches using additive manufacturing to dramatically increase performance with novel materials and structures that could not be fabricated using traditional methods.

Conventional cooling methods flow coolant parallel to the heat source surface in a serpentine path under components. In parallel flow, a thermal gradient develops across the channel which diminishes the heat transfer effectiveness across the channel width. In addition, the coolant temperature increases as it removes heat from each component, becoming less effective as it progresses.

Using multiphysics simulation software, a cold plate design using manifolds and microchannels was designed to maximize cooling efficiency by dividing the coolant into several parallel paths and directing the flow into microchannels at a direction coolant perpendicular to the heated surface. After a short length through the microchannels, the coolant returns to an adjacent manifold and exits the plate. By increasing the surface area and minimizing the microchannel path length, very large heat transfer coefficients are obtained with a corresponding low cold plate thermal resistance.

Using COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software for heat transfer and laminar flow, the microchannel spacing, coolant flow rate, and manifold sizing have been determined to maximize heat removal and minimize pressure drop. Thin cold plates (<4 mm thick) were designed, and using direct metal laser sintering, aluminum, copper, and titanium cold plates were printed, tested, and compared against COMSOL simulation results.

Paul Bratt is the Principal R&D Materials Engineer for ACI Technologies – the Navy’s Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence. With over twenty years of experience with thermal management of high reliability electronics and materials, he is currently a Lead Engineer for several Navy ManTech projects and the Editor of Empfasis – a Navy sponsored publication of ACI.

New at ACI: Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20/YSM20W High-Efficiency Modular SMT Assembly System

New at ACI: Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20/YSM20W High-Efficiency Modular SMT Assembly System

Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20/YSM20W

The Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20/YSM20W High-Efficiency Modular SMT Assembly System has arrived at ACI!

  • Caters effectively to a wide range of production processes and it is also the world’s fastest in its class
  • The “1 head solution” aims to deliver an ideal mounter that provides both high speed and versatility
  • Wide support capability turns the concept of “Limitless Expansion” into a reality
  • Numerous functions to support high-quality mounting are included as standard features
  • Feeders and supply devices offering a high degree of freedom

Product Features

1) Two types of beam variations

The fundamental structure of the new Z:LEX YSM20 features a highly-durable, precision-made monocoque frame that is designed to maintain mounting accuracy over extended periods. In addition, the new model employs a universal platform, where customers are able to select from either the 2-beam or single-beam X-axis configuration to meet demands for mounting capacity, versatility and budget. This provides more freedom in configuring mounting lines.

2) Featuring two types of newly-developed heads that are based on the “1 head solution” concept

Compatible with super-small components (such as the 03015 (0.3mmx0.15mm) size) to large components

The two types of new heads are developed with the ideal of the “1 head solution” concept, which allows compatibility with a wide range of components at high speeds without the need for head replacement. The new heads can help reduce downtime due to head replacement, as well as expensive costs for purchasing spare replacement heads. Both head types come standard with side-view recognition function, enabling the detection of the existence of components as well as its pick-up orientation and tilt status. In addition, the unit’s nozzle self-diagnosis function ensures a high level of mounting quality and reliability.

  • HM (High-Speed Multi) Head: An all-round “high-speed multi-purpose head” which provides the world’s fastest mounting speed in its class, as well as the versatility to handle super-small chip components such as the 03015(mm) size, as well as larger components of up to L45mmxW100mmxH15mm.
  • FM (Flexible Multi) Head: An “odd-shaped components head” which is compatible with load controls, and handles super-small chip components such as the 03015(mm) size, as well as larger and taller components of up to L55mmxW100mmxH28mm.

3) Components supply device with excellent operability

  • Compatibility with the electric-drive intelligent tape feeder “ZS Feeder” and “SS Feeder” that employ microcomputer controls to provide a high-speed components supply and high-accuracy components positioning. A maximum of 140 units (max. 8mm tape feeder conversion) can be installed. (When using the fixed plate; up to 128 units can be set for feeder carriage options.) When the “ZS Feeder” is used, a non-stop feeder replacement option can also be selected.
  • The Z:LEX YSM20 is available with the sATS30 30-step fixed automatic tray supply unit, and the cATS10 10-step automatic tray supply carriage unit which allows for replacement with feeder carriages. A mixture of the two different tray supply units can be installed, and up to two tray supply units can be installed onto one YSM20 device.

4) Ability to select the conveyor system according to the production process

The conveyor system can be selected from dual stage (available for the 2-beam option only), dual lane, or single lane according to production volume and circuit board size. This enables the Z:LEX YSM20 to be compatible with a minimum circuit board size of L50mmxW50mm, and a maximum circuit board size of L810mmxW480mm (for dual stage or single lane) or L810mmxW230mm (for dual lane).

5) An excellent mounting speed of 90,000 CPH (under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor)

Through the use of the next-generation servo system featuring a high-speed control technology similar to that found in Yamaha Motor’s high-end model “Z:TA YSM40.” Furthermore, other detailed refinements have been made, such as the newly-developed Z-axis linear motor, the use of a miniature scan camera unit, and miniaturization and weight reduction of the head. As a result, the new model has increased mounting capabilities. With the 2-beam, 2-head configuration (HM spec) and under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor, the Z:LEX YSM20 achieves the world’s fastest mounting speed in its class of 90,000 CPH. This is an improvement of over 20% compared to the YS24 mounter.

6) “Smart recognition”, which allows odd-shaped components to be handled quickly

“Smart recognition” comes standard with the Z:LEX YSM20, which allows recognition data of irregularly-shaped components to be created in a short period of time and realizing a highly robust recognition.

7) High level of mounting quality

The new Z:LEX YSM20 features a further-developed MACS (Multiple Accuracy Compensation System). This system provides comprehensive compensation for deviations in the numerous factors involved in accuracy multiple times, enabling a mounting accuracy level of ±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≥1.0 (3σ).

8) Easily-controllable operation system

While making it easily adaptable for users of conventional models, the Z:LEX YSM20 comes standard with a user-friendly touch panel that is easy to operate. Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean language options are available.

9) CE marking compliance

The Z:LEX YSM20 complies with CE safety design standards, enabling the equipment to be sold worldwide.

Contact ACI to see the equipment on site and learn more.

New at ACI: Yamaha High-end Hybrid Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System


New at ACI: Yamaha High-end Hybrid Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System

Yamaha YSi-V Hybrid AOI System

ACI is pleased to welcome the Yamaha High-end Hybrid Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System “YSi-V” to the factory floor – available for your inspection!

  • Performs 2-dimensional inspections, 3-dimensional inspections, and 4-direction oblique image inspections all in one unit
  • It has more than double the inspection capability of ordinary inspection systems
  • 2D high-speed, high-resolution 2-dimensional inspections
  • 3D height, and sloped surface 3-dimensional inspections (option)
  • 4D 4-way angular camera (option)
  • Software supports real-time, streamlined inspections (“QA Option”)

Market Background and Product Overview

The reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) is directly linked to the market value of the final product, and in the surface mounting industry where increasingly small components are being mounted with increasing density on today’s PCBs, manufacturers are seeking to ensure the reliability of the PCBs they produce by using automated inspection systems rather than depending on human inspection skills. These inspection systems must be capable of speedy and precise inspection of mounting precision and solder connections for quality control in the SMT production line.

The new YSi-V has been developed as an in-line type AOI system with high-speed inspection performance compatible with use in dual-lane production and other forms of mass production lines, and with the reliability for detecting defective mounts with certainty and with an extremely low number of false defect reports (A report by the inspection system of a flawed or defective product when in fact it is not.). Furthermore, the YSi-V offers new value for SMT production lines as it shares the same high-rigidity frames, control technology, image processing technology and SMT application concepts as our surfaces mounters, solder printers and inspection systems. As these products complement each other in use, the YSi-V fully employs the advantage of our position as a manufacturer of a full line of SMT equipment. One example of this advantage is integration of the communications systems of the surface mounter and the inspection system to enable real-time feedback of inspection results, thereby minimizing the occurrence of defective products, increasing the overall performance of the production line, and achieving smoother operation.

Product Features

1) Greatly enhanced 2D inspection capability with the adoption of newly developed high-speed, high-resolution image processing technology

For the 2D external inspection that is the basic function of an AOI system, Yamaha leads the industry with the adoption of a 12 megapixel industrial-use camera and a newly designed telecentric lens to accommodate the higher number of pixels. In addition, the new model mounts a 64-bit high-speed image processing control system and more for increased computing capacity, and enables both a larger field of vision and greater detail and faster processing to achieve more than twice the inspection capacity/performance of the current YSi-12 model.

2) New 3D inspection function* that inspects component height and tilt angle in the field of vision simultaneously

The heights of components in the field of vision are measured simultaneously at high speed. With this, components above the proper height and defects that are difficult to detect with 2D image processing, such as when the coloring of the circuit board and the components are similar or when interference by silk screening or land patterns make foreign objects indiscernible, are quickly and precisely detected. In addition to component height, it is possible to inspect the degree of tilt, the direction the component faces, and accurately identify proper and improper forms.

3) Four-direction angle camera* supporting the visual inspection process to reduce human error and time loss

In addition to the camera angle from directly above the circuit board for 2D inspection, a camera using exclusive Yamaha image capture technology not only detects isolated defects but also inspects all of the components in the entire field of vision at once from four diagonal angles. This form of image inspection is equivalent to taking the PCB in hand and turning it to inspect it from four different directions, and means that a full visual (optical) inspection is possible without removing the PCB from the production line. It also helps prevent human errors from handling the PCB manually and reduces the number of operations on the line.

*Available as an option

4) Accommodates larger PCB sizes

In order to save space on the production line and heighten productivity, the YSi-V comes in a choice of two specifications: a single lane production spec capable of handling large PCBs up to L610 mm×W560 mm, and a dual lane spec handling PCBs up to L610 mm×W280 mm in dual lane use, and L610 mm×W510 mm in single lane use. Both of these specs can be equipped with optional equipment to handle long type PCBs of up to L750 mm.

5) Improved operability

Operability has been improved with the adoption of a number of new features and functions. These include a full-HD LCD touch panel that functions similar to a tablet device with motions like pinch-to-zoom and flick-to-scroll, etc., a “programming navigation” function that enables even beginners to create inspection data simply by following the directions provided by the navigation program and new character recognition algorithms that employ exclusively developed optical character verification (OCV) technology, and represent a further development of Yamaha’s well-received character recognition function.

Contact ACI to see the equipment on site and learn more.

New at ACI: Pacific X-ray Imaging (PXI) GenX-90 Series


New at ACI: Pacific X-ray Imaging (PXI) GenX-90 Series

Pacific X-ray Imaging (PXI) GenX-90 Series

With 30+ years of experience designing and developing x-ray systems, PXI has recently introduced a new x-ray inspection system focusing on imaging quality, flexibility, ease of use, and most importantly affordability. The GenX Series x-ray systems come in three models (80kV, 90kV, and 130kV) that can be tailored to virtually any application. These systems are field upgradeable so minimal initial investment is needed to meet today’s applications. As the customer’s business grows, the GenX hardware and software can grow with them.

GenX 90

  • High Performance, Compact X-Ray System
  • New Industry Standard for compact high resolution component and circuit board inspection
  • 15.5” x 21” parts handling capacity
  • 4”/2” dual view Image Intensifier with HD camera
  • Large-board, high density heat sink packaging inspection capability
  • Easy to use and operate controls
  • Low maintenance
  • 2-axis X/Y manual manipulator
  • Tilt/Rotate fixture option
  • Windows 7 Pro image processor (standard) with PXi-Pro Image Analysis
  • Worldwide service and parts support

Control Interface

  • Integrated x-ray controls
  • Independent power and standby keys
  • Magnification, zoom and image gain adjustment settings
  • Sample tilt/rotation oblique angle (optional)
  • Manual X-Y table motion controls


  • Frame averaging and quad view analysis
  • Wide range of image enhancement and analysis tools (specific tool sets for QFN, BGA, Flip Chip, Discrete, and Gull Wing inspection)
  • Modules for enhance measurement capability
  • Image Storage and retrieval in tiff, bmp and jpg

ACI welcomes the opportunity to give you a demonstration. Contact us to see the equipment on site and learn more.

New at ACI: Nordson SELECT Novo 103


New at ACI: Nordson SELECT Novo 103

Nordson SELECT Novo 103

The Novo® 103 is a robust selective soldering platform delivering an exceptional combination of versatility, productivity and value. The Novo® 103 has many unique features, including high speed Z-axis motion for faster processing time and reduced soldering cycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Selective soldering of printed circuit boards as large as 610 x 457 mm (24.0 x 18.0 in.)
  • Standalone platform ideal for prototype, cell manufacturing or batch production requirements
  • Interchangeable solder pots and pumps compatible with tin-lead, lead-free and HMP solder alloys
  • Choice of single selective solder nozzle, dual selective nozzles with independent control or 75 mm wide wave soldering nozzle
  • SWAK-OS 4.0 graphics-based programming and machine control software enables fast and straightforward program creation
SWAK-OS 4.0 graphics-based programming software

SWAK-OS 4.0 graphics-based programming software


With its feature rich, graphics-based programming and machine control software, the Novo® 103 is specially designed for demanding selective soldering applications. Set-up and time to first article is significantly reduced to within 10-15 minutes. The SWAK-OS 4.0 software features seamless fiducial recognition, live teach cameras, real time data collection, SQL back end data extraction and complete FIS capability for shop floor integration.

Soldering Technology

With its flexible configuration, the Novo® 103 is a versatile selective soldering platform capable of processing tin-lead, lead-free or HMP solder alloys. Interchangeable solder pots and pumps are available with either single selective solder nozzle, dual selective nozzles with independent control or 75 mm (3.0 in.) wide wave soldering nozzle. The nitrogen inerted dual nozzle system enables the use of multiple size nozzles within the same program further enhancing flexibility and productivity.

Process Control

Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop rotary encoders and other advanced process control capabilities have been incorporated into the Novo® 103, enhancing solder quality, precision and yield capabilities.


With a reputation for innovation, comprehensive process solutions from Nordson SELECT ensure a maximum return on investment and low cost of ownership. From initial process development through full-scale production, you are supported by Nordson’s experienced worldwide engineering, applications development and technical service network.

Contact ACI to see the equipment on site and learn more.

New at ACI: BTU’s Pyramax Vacuum Reflow Oven!


New at ACI: BTU's Pyramax Vacuum Reflow Oven!

Vacuum Reflow Oven for High-Volume Manufacturing

  • Solder voiding to <5%
  • Thermal uniformity +/-2°C
  • Superior profile control
  • Full MES integration

The Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven has been designed with the requirements of large EMS/high-volume automotive customers in mind. The unit is configured with 10 zones of closed-loop convection heating and a maximum production width of 457 x 457 mm (18 x 18 inches) inches under vacuum operation. Nitrogen atmosphere capable, the Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven offers a maximum process temperature of 350°C. The unit features integrated controls with BTU’s proprietary Wincon™ windows-based control system and full integration with factory MES/Industry 4.0, including vacuum parameters. Existing Pyramax customers can easily transfer their process to the new Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven.

  • Recipe controlled vacuum parameters
  • Bell jar vacuum chamber design
  • Forced convection and conduction heat assist
  • Low impact thermal transition zone
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Pass-through mode

Designed for Maintenance Accessibility

Vacuum reflow chamber detail

Vacuum reflow chamber detail

The Pyramax Vacuum reflow chamber was designed with high-volume manufacturing in mind. The chamber is designed to be opened wide for service without the use of tools. The drive system within the vacuum chamber is easily removed for maintenance.

  • Novel chamber opening mechanism
  • Removable drive system

Contact ACI to learn more about how the Pyramax vacuum reflow oven can reduce solder voids in your high-volume EMS line.

LOCTITE Free Workshop Hosted at ACI Technologies, Inc. June 4th 2019

Join us Tuesday, June 4th from 9 am to 3 pm for this free workshop and enjoy a complimentary lunch.

Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand is the trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions.

Bring your most difficult-to-bond parts, and a specialist will design a custom adhesive/equipment solution just for you!

  • Come see 30 new light cure adhesives for 2019!
  • Learn about new structural adhesives for ultra-fast production.
  • See the new lineup of LED curing equipment.
  • Demo new innovative products.
  • Review sealant automation from manual dispensing through full robotic setup.

Innovation and technology combine to deliver product solutions that are essential to countless industrial applications.

Location: ACI Technologies, Inc. – 1 International Plaza, Suite 600, Philadelphia, PA 19113

Parking: Upon entering the parking lot, head to the guard station and tell them you are attending the ACI Technologies LOCTITE Workshop. Parking is free as always.

RSVP here…

Philadelphia Business Journal – Look inside Widener’s new robotics laboratory

Widener University’s School of Engineering unveiled a new robotics laboratory Thursday, six months after it became the first school in the region to offer a bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering.

Outfitted with advanced, hands-on equipment including an industrial automation robot and smart machine vision camera, the lab was created with a donation from ACI Technologies Founding President and CEO Alan Criswell.

Full article located here…

Visit the ACI Technologies booth at DMC 2018, December 3-5, 2018

DMC is the nation’s largest annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of scientists, engineers, managers, technology leaders and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base. We invite you to stop by our booth, number 315. Whether you are familiar with ACI or want to learn more about us, we’d love to share our expertise and assist you with your projects.

Music City Center; Nashville, Tennessee
December 3rd through 5th
Booth #315


ACI Technologies Factory Equipment Open House

Factory Equipment Open House, September 25, 2018

ACI Technologies will be hosting an Open House on our manufacturing factory floor on Tuesday, September 25. We invite you to stop by to see equipment representatives on hand to promote and demonstrate their equipment, product, or process.

Date: Tuesday, September25, 2018
Time: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: ACI Technologies, 1 International Plaza, Suite 150, Philadelphia, PA 19113
RSVP: Contact Katie Riggan by phone at 610.362.1200, ext. 250, via email to registrar@aciusa.org or online using the link below

People to meet and equipment to see include:

  • Fred Dimock of BTU International will discuss vacuum reflow to reduce voids as well as keeping flexible and thin boards flat during reflow.
  • Steve Pollock from Essemtec will show 0201 dispensing and placing with standard type 4 paste on the Fox2.
  • Ken Gribble of Nikon Metrology will demonstrate the XT V 60 X-ray with 3D computerized tomography.
  • John McMasters will present Automated Optical Inspection with the Yamaha YSi-V.

IMPORTANT Instructions for Event Day

You must enter the parking lot at the guard station; tell them you are attending the ACI Technologies Open House. Parking is free as always.
You must come to Suite 600 on the sixth floor to sign in before proceeding to the factory floor.

Visit the ACI Technologies booth at DMC 2017, December 4-6, 2017

DMC is the nation’s largest annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of scientists, engineers, managers, technology leaders and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base. ACI Technologies will be participating in both the technical and poster sessions this year. We invite you to attend these presentations and to stop by our booth, number 332. Whether you are familiar with ACI or want to learn more about us, we’d love to share our expertise and assist you with your projects.

ACI will be presenting the following papers:

  • Development of a Repeatable Manufacturing Process for Packaging Innovative Ice Detection Technology for Military Aircraft
  • Future Naval Capabilities and Transition for Manufacturing Process Optimization of Azimuth and Inertial MEMs (AIM) Disk Resonator Gyroscopes
  • Thermal Management for Radar Affordability
ACI Technologies DMC 2017 Poster Presentations
The poster presentations by ACI include:

  • A Combined RF Solution to Address Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) for Rotorcrafts
  • Additive Manufacturing to Replace Wire Bonding for RF Circuit Design
  • Common Modular Power Supply for the SEWIP Block II System

Tampa Convention Center; Tampa, Florida
December 4th through 6th
Booth #332

SMTA International Exhibition, September 27-28, 2016

Come join ACI Technologies at the SMTA International 2016 Exhibition on September 27th and 28th! Want to know about high reliability in rapid prototyping? How about our analysis services and the physics of electronic failures? Did you know that ACI offers the newest IPC training as well as comprehensive electronics manufacturing classes? Our exclusive course material is sure to increase efficiency in the workplace. Visit us at booth #110 for a roster of our courses, analytical lab capabilities and electronics manufacturing factory facilities. As the Navy’s National Center of Excellence, we are here to help you tackle all of your electronics manufacturing challenges.

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois
September 27th and 28th
Booth #110

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

February 11, 2016 – Free workshop with Samsung and BTU was a huge success!

We are pleased to announce our free workshop with Samsung and BTU was a huge success! Despite the inclement weather we had a nice turnout. The audience was presented with an in-depth overview of the LED lighting market and what the future may hold. Additionally, large scale stencil printing, LED placement and special considerations, nozzle design, and reflow fundamentals were covered. The overall response was excellent and the workshop proved to be a great experience for the group. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Samsung, BTU and all who attended!

December 21, 2015 – SMTA PA Chapter Quarterly Meeting

The Surface Mount Technical Association(SMTA) PA chapter held its joint quarterly meeting with ACI Technologies in Philadelphia last week. The presentation covered SMT256 dip adhesives, which have been designed to enhance solder joint reliability and eliminate solder joint cracking for CSP, BGA, flip chips and package on package, particularly for lead free applications. SMT256 removes metal oxide, allows solder joints to be formed and a 3-D polymer network to form and encapsulate individual solder joints. It was presented by YINCAE Advanced Materials, a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance coatings, adhesives, electronic and optoelectronic materials.

SMTA LogoYincae adhesives

December 17, 2015 – Coming Soon to ACI…

Direct from the Komax Group right to the ACI Demo Factory floor……Two brand new wire stripping machines! The Kappa 320 cutting and stripping machine and the Cosmic 48 R will be early in 2016. These machines will not only increase our capabilities, but will be awesome teaching tools for our IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) Wire Harness Assembly course, slated to run in the third week of February.

Cosmic 48 RKappa 320 cutting and stripping machine

Nov. 30 – Dec 3, 2015 – DMC 2015

This year’s Defense Manufacturing Conference, held in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, was a phenomenal success! The show provides ACI with a unique opportunity to reconnect with our old friends and network with new connections. The technical discussions and collaborations prove to be an invaluable resource of information for ACI in particular and the defense industry overall. It’s an exciting chance to learn not only how to improve upon existing technical methodologies but also about emerging technologies as well. We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who stopped by our booth this year!

October 5, 2015 – Hakko donates over $14,000.00 in equipment to ACI!

Recently Hakko Corporation donated thousands of dollars’ worth of soldering tools to ACI Technologies’ Training Center. Three FM-206 3 port DTS rework stations along with three FM-2029 24v-140w hot air pencils were provided, as well as twelve FX-100 soldering systems and three FX-301B digital solder pots. This is a brand new line of equipment from Hakko and it will be put to good use training students on location through our custom training courses. These one, three, and five day custom courses are tailor made to suit your needs. And the best part is, we come to you. That’s right-our Master Instructors will travel to your company to save you time and money. And thanks to Hakko, they’ll be equipped with brand new tools!

September 21, 2015 – ACI is pleased to announce a Special Recognition Award will be presented to one of our Master IPC Trainers, Ross Dillman.

Please visit us at booth #125 at the SMTA International Conference on September 29th and 30th. This year’s conference will be held at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Il. In addition to being one of the industry’s best technical networking events, this year Ross Dillman, one of our Master IPC Trainers, will be receiving a Special Recognition award at IPC’s Fall Standards Development Committee Meetings in September. This award is in recognition and appreciation of his contributions to the development of IPC-HDBK-001, Handbook and Guide to Supplement J-STD-001. Way to go Ross!

Save the date: Nov 30th-Dec 3rd – DMC/DMSMS 2015

Visit our booth (Booth 632) at the DMC/DMSMS 2015 Conference at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix & Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

August 2015 – Introducing our newest course: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Level 1: Design, Manufacturing and Quality Skills Training


Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is a standardized symbolic language and design methodology used on engineering drawings and 3D models to ensure the product requirements are clearly understood by everyone using the information. GD&T are the tools by which we know a product will fit or align properly before it is manufactured. The use of and ability to understand GD&T is required by many large organizations and this requirement is passed onto the suppliers.

This course provides GD&T system concepts, rules, legal implications, tools and techniques from design, inspection, manufacturing, and concurrent engineering points of view. Learn functional dimensioning and tolerancing, explained in detail with many examples, all the symbology as well as the legal reasons for GD&T and its practical applications. Gain an understanding of how GD&T eliminates the deficiencies of plus and minus (+/-) dimensioning and tolerancing. This level 1 fundamental course is based on the ASME Y14.5-2009 Standard. Books are supplied and a calculator is recommended.

Recently Archived

+ May 2015 - ACI thanks all of the vendors and attendees of The Second Annual Tech Expo

Location: Philadelphia, PA

ACI would like to thank all of the vendors and attendees of the Tech Expo held at our facility in Philadelphia this past May (2015). Please come back and see us again!

+ March 2015 - The EMPF is expecting!

Location: Philadelphia, PA

March 2015 – This spring, the EMPF will feature five new machines; invaluable tools for the electronics manufacturing industry.

  • KISS-103 Selective Soldering Machine from ACE Production Technologies
  • PowerSpector Desktop AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) System from Mek
  • Cubus SMD Storage System from Essemtec
  • KE-3010 High-Speed Chip Shooter from Juki
  • XT-1000 Video Measurement System from Scienscope

As always, visitors are welcome to tour the floor and schedule equipment demonstrations. Bring your boards, components and questions. Technicians and engineers are always available to assist you with your design, production and process questions.

+ May 2014 - ACI thanks all of the vendors and attendees of The First Annual Tech Expo

Location: Philadelphia, PA

ACI would like to thank all of the vendors and attendees of the Tech Expo held at our facility in Philadelphia this past May (2014). Please come back and see us again!

+ Essemtec renewed partnership with ACI

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, is pleased to announce that it has renewed its partnership with ACI Technologies, Inc. (ACI). Under the agreement, Essemtec has provided ACI with a complete SMT line. In return, Essemtec uses ACI’s world-class facility for demos, seminars, and training.

+ ACI is expecting the following pieces of equipment:

Location: Philadelphia, PA

  • PDR Infrared Rework System
  • Fino High Precision Small Batch Stencil Printer
  • Paraquda chip placing machine with jet printing
  • RO300FC compact reflow oven by Essemtec-USA
  • Nikon X-ray & Computed Tomography System

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